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IDispatchMessageInspector –How to change the message on the server side?

May 4, 2011


IDispatchMessageInspector allows to validate and modify the Message on the server side (similar to IClientMessageInspector, which is added on the client). It’s interface allows you to interfere with the request Message before it arrives to the server, and with the response Message before it is sent to the client. The IDispatchMessageInspector interface contains the following […]

IDispatchMessageFormatter – How to customize reply Messages on the server side?

March 3, 2011


The IDispatchMessageFormatter extensibility hook is very similar to the client’s IClientMessageFormatter which was described in the previous post iclientmessageformatter. On the server side,  WCF converts requests into Message objects which are later on converted to a strongly typed operation parameters. The IDispatchMessageFormatter allows us to interfere in the later conversion (Message to operation parameters). It […]

IClientMessageFormatter– How to customize Messages on the client side

February 15, 2011


WCF allows client side developers to perform communication operations by using strongly typed operations. Internally, WCF translates these strongly typed operations into a generic Message class, which can be used by the WCF client runtime. When sending a message, WCF takes the parameters passed as the client operation parameters and “serializes” them into a Message […]

WCF Versioning Guidelines

December 21, 2010


Overview Services exist in order to serve external clients. They do so by exposing a wide range of external interfaces which are later used by the clients to interact with the service. After initial deployment, and potentially several times during their lifetime, services may need to be changed for a variety of reasons, such as […]